BizXaaS-Authentication is a one-time password service designed for consumers to enhance the security of authentication services such as Internet banking and online shopping. Contact us from here.


    In recent years, authentication information such as ID and password used for Web services including Internet Banking, auction and EC can be illegally acquired by means of phishing, spyware and other methods. As a consequence, incidents in which malicious person impersonate legitimate users have frequently occurred, and thus it is urgent to take measures against these fraudulent acts.
    At present, soft keyboard, anti-spyware software and other security products to deal with the situation have been found on the market. However, there has been an increase in demand for a method that enables more strict and easy authentication.

    Service Overview

    The One-Time Password Authentication Service "BizXaaS–Authentication" is a shared use (ASP) authentication service provided by NTT DATA.
    This has been developed as a smartphone application (one-time password application) for consumers based on "RSA SecurID®" a de facto standard for one-time password. In order to use one-time password authentication, application download, authentication, and management functions are all provided.

    One-Time Password

    BizXaaS-Authentication Features

    • Shared services (ASP) will reduce initial and operational costs.
    • It is possible to use smartphone software token in combination with traditional hard token.
    • The certification center provides various management functions in terms of inquiring a user information, generating a report, and connecting verious interfaces to the center.

    Characteristics of One-Time Password for Smartphones

    The "One-Time Password for Smartphones" has following features.

    One-Time Password

    1. It supports three communication carriers and will continually support the latest models.

    2. You can store multiple tokens in one app. (Multi-token support)

    3. Compared to hardware tokens, the burden on mail and operation management will be less.

    4. Similar to hardware tokens, you can store the corporate logo into the application top page.

    5. The burden of carrying does not increase even if the token increases.

    6. Passwords can be issued even when you are out of the service area.

    7. Physical replacement is not necessary even if the token has expired. (Update function)

    8. You can also use it for mobile banking authentication. (Web integration features)


    Smartphone version
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